Pancake Sunday

In our house, we have a little bit of a Sunday morning ritual.  Brian gets up with the kids, turns on some cartoons, and then makes pancakes for breakfast.  The kids LOVE pancakes and eat a ton of them.  And today, Will was eating so fast that Brian was having a hard time keeping him supplied.  Finally he brought in a whole one, thinking he’d just cut it up at the table, but Will was having none of that.  Oh no.  He wanted that pancake whole.  With NO butter.  And NO syrup.  (Weird since he all but demands syrup if you bring him an already cut up pancake.)  So then we got to watch and enjoy as Will tried to figure out how to eat this giant pancake with nothing but his spoon.

Strategy 1: pick off tiny pieces with fingers

Doesn’t work fast enough.
Strategy 2: attempt to cut up pancake with tiny spoon

No go.
Strategy 3: wad up entire pancake and shove in mouth.


3 thoughts on “Pancake Sunday

  1. First of all, I'm sad about his hair. I think it's cuter in the picture the other day. At least boys hair grows fast 🙂 Second, that's hilarious that you caught his different strategies on film! Smart cookie he is!

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