I’m really not a fan of the headaches

I haven’t blogged in a while and here’s why: headaches.  Every. Single. Afternoon.  And since I’m pregnant, you know what I’m allowed to take for them?  Nothing!  Okay, not nothing, I can have tylenol which does zero good.  I think they may be allergy related, because benadryl seems to help, but you know what else benadryl does?  Makes me SUPER tired!  Interesting side note here, did you know that, based on the active ingredients, taking a tylenol PM is exactly the same as taking a tylenol and a benadryl at the same time?  It’s true.  So, not surprising that it makes me tired.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I had a point here, so I’ll try to get back to it.  I can’t take benadryl during the day because then I’m not awake enough to take care of the kids.  So every night as soon as they go to bed I take one.  It helps with the headache, but then I’m also tired enough to go to bed at like 8:15.  It doesn’t so much make for good blogging.  I guess that’s my point.  I haven’t been blogging because I have been spending every evening in a benadryl induced coma.  Hopefully I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled rambling soon.

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