Blathering: the recap

As I was discussing my weekend in Austin with my husband I realized I did basically two things: ate and talked.  Originally there were plans for many entertaining places and things, but you know the great conversation that you just don’t ever want to end?  That was this whole weekend.

I was seriously nervous to meet so many people at once, but you know what?  It didn’t really feel like meeting new people.  It felt more like catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.  Yes, it was nerve wracking to walk into a room full of people I didn’t know (even if I recognized some of them from pictures) but it was nice to see people recognize my name when I introduced myself, and when I got out to the back patio and Jen said, “Hey, I know you!” I relaxed and thought, “Okay.  This is going to be good.”

You guys, good doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I could have talked with everyone forever.  And I would link to everyone I met that I got along with, but that would be EVERYONE.  Seriously.  I was especially glad I had a later flight out Sunday because that gave me more time to hang out with more people!  And I got lucky enough that Christina and I were on the same flight out of Austin and both had long layovers in Dallas, so we continued the Blathering for a little while longer with more chatting over dinner before we each left for our home states.

Anyway, it was an amazing weekend and I miss everyone already.  So next time you’re in Western Colorado (HA HA HA. Like that will ever happen.) let me know so we can get together.


3 thoughts on “Blathering: the recap

  1. It was awesome to meet you and I am so glad you came. I also had that conversation with my parents. Them: "So did you do anything cool in Austin that we ought to try?" Me: "Um, mostly we ate things."

  2. Is this the same Blathering that Emily (not that you asked) went to? What the heck, I thought those were all fake people. Dad told me about a patient of his who went to "Time out for Women," an event I heard about on ValuesParenting (the Joy School creators). What the heck, I'm surrounded by fake people online!

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