Maternity clothes galore

Remember when I mentioned in my 13 things that my sister was borrowing most of my maternity clothes?  Well.  I have them back.  AND THEN SOME.  My parents came home from seeing the new baby on Sunday evening.  My mom handed me a couple dresses and then told me there was another box in the laundry room.  I glanced in and there was a diaper box, filled past the top and I thought, “Well good, more pants I can wear.”  And that was about it.

Monday I talked to Kari who asked if I was excited to see all those clothes and I told her I hadn’t really sorted it.  Then she mentioned that there was also a box of stuff from Kirsta.  Good deal right?  So yesterday I started putting away the diaper box stuff and I realized that this box?  Was the box from Kirsta.  The box Kari referred to as the “small box.”  I asked my mom about the other box and she told me it was still in the car.  And that she’d need help getting it out, but that I shouldn’t be helping because it was too heavy.  Okaaaay.  Yeah, so here’s the box Kari meant (with the diaper box on top for reference.)

This picture doesn’t do it justice.  (How ’bout that awesome linoleum though??)  There’s got to be like a gazillion things in there.  Ballpark.  So that, plus the stuff from the diaper box, plus the stuff Kari gave me last time I was in Denver, plus the stuff she never borrowed to begin with.  Pretty sure my maternity wardrobe is now bigger than my actual wardrobe.

And now some things you didn’t really care about.  (Because I KNOW you all cared about everything up till now.)  I can’t actually share non-maternity clothes with my sisters.  They’re both taller and skinnier than I am.  Luckily maternity stuff is much more forgiving!  (Still, there’s already a pair of Kari’s maternity pants that are too small for me.  Sad.)  Also, we accumulated so many maternity clothes because our other pregnancies have overlapped so much that we each had to have our own stash.  Now that I’m the only pregnant one I have ALL the clothes.

9 thoughts on “Maternity clothes galore

  1. Okay – you have way too many maternity clothes. The only logical solution is to let me borrow some. Literally, THIS MORNING, before I read this post I was thinking to myself, "Who has maternity dress pants I can borrow?" (Because I'm sure those boxes are full of dress pants.)Usually I wear jeans to work. But I will need a pair of dress pants for ONE day before I go on maternity leave. So far I've gotten away with non-maternity pants and a belly band. But the last time I was cutting it a bit close, and I don't think I'll be able to pull it off in a month. And I don't want to buy a pair of pants I need ONCE.So now I'm jealous. (And have managed to write the longest blog comment in the history of the world.)

  2. Now you understand why I told mom she's not allowed to buy us maternity clothes ever again. That's way too many clothes for just a designated period of time. And yes, the maternity clothes wardrobe was bigger than my regular wardrobe.Also, feel free to mail Laura a pair of dress pants 🙂

  3. I have 7 trash bags in my basement of maternity clothes not including the bag I just lent a friend! People keep giving them to me and I keep hanging on to them until I know we are done, it is getting ridiculous! I had a super cute summer wardrobe while pregnant and nothing cute now… it is annoying!

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