You’ll just have to wait some more.

We did end up getting pictures done this afternoon.  And I was hoping to post some of them (in fact, I put off writing this post to see if she’d send me the link to the pictures) but I don’t have them yet.  The session went well, the kids were happy and we did a variety of poses so I’m hoping there are lots of good ones!  Anyway.  SOON.

And now a question: what do you do if your kids get up super early in the morning?

Here’s the situation at our house.  Kalena still has her good nite lite, so hypothetically she should be staying in her room until 6:45.  But she’s developed a couple of habits that are screwing with this.  For one thing, she is in a phase of wanting her door open and the hall light on.  All night.  I close her door and turn the light off before I go to bed only to wake up at 2 am and discover that she’s turned the light back on and opened her door.  (Apparently she’s inherited my light sleeping.)  Side note here, we’ve added a lamp to her room in the hopes that being able to turn a lamp on will keep her from needing the hall light.  And it’s a touch lamp so she doesn’t have to mess with switches or anything.  Anyway, the other thing she does is wake up at like 5 am and take herself to the bathroom.  And then instead of going back to bed she sits in her open doorway, usually playing with noisy toys.

So, any great suggestions from anyone out there?  Because I’m a BIG FAN of 6:45.  It’s way better than 5 am.

4 thoughts on “You’ll just have to wait some more.

  1. I am no help on the kid waking up early thing. Mine is a late sleeper and we are keeping her in a crib until she starts physicaly getting out of it to cut down on her wildly running through the house at all hours of the night.

  2. Considering the husband and I have a whispered conversation every morning — SHH! The Lad is up. You think he'll go back to sleep if we just lay here quietly? Shhhh! — I don't have much to help you.

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