Family photos!

Yay!  They’re done!  So here are some of the ones I love, but probably won’t be going on the cards.

This is a hug, not wrestling.  Looks like it could be either one.

Feeling a little sad that she couldn’t go jump on the trampoline next door.

I think it’s cute that she’ll “give the new baby” a kiss, but I feel like it’s a little too cutesy for Christmas cards.  By the way Sally told me I was “lucky to have a belly so early” because it was good for the pictures.  I think that’s the nicest way I’ve ever been told I look really pregnant for how far along I am.

Being thrown in the air, a favorite pastime for both our children.

Sometimes toddler smiles get a little out of hand.

Or a lot out of hand.  Even Will is wondering what she’s doing.

Now to go pick my actual favorite card to go with the pictures…

12 thoughts on “Family photos!

  1. VERY cute pictures! :)Eriana already loves being thrown in the air. Nothing makes her giggle more than when Jim throws her. 🙂 I keep hoping to get it on video, but Jim is camera shy!

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