The best games

My kids (and most kids, I assume) do some really obnoxious things.  But lately they also play a couple “games” that I’m a big fan of.

The first involves me sitting on the couch saying “ready, set, go” while the kids run around in a big circle.  Let’s see: this game wears them out- good.  This game involves me sitting on the couch- good.  They will play this game for up to 30 minutes at a time and involves no fighting- GOOD!  I actually wish they’d do this more.

The other “game” they play?  Nap time.

Now, this game does often involve fighting.  You know, four identical pillows- definitely something to fight over.  But it’s so cute to watch!  And Will has totally started fake sleeping every time I go to get him out of his crib.  As soon as I open the door he’ll lay back down and pretend to snore.  With his eyes wide open.  Kills me every time.

5 thoughts on “The best games

  1. We have a game like that. It's called "Eat your feet".I sit in the chair. Say, "I'm gonna eat your feet!" and Boo takes off running around and around. It wears her out good haha!!

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