Prediction time!

Are you all ready with your best guesses as to whether this baby is a boy or a girl?  Here’s how symptoms compare (if you’re into that kind of thing):

Symptoms similar to my pregnancy with Kalena:
Heartburn starting in the first trimester and as a result of pretty much anything.
Weight gain all over.  I don’t actually know how much weight I’ve gained, but it’s definitely not just belly.  (Brian helpfully pointed out that this may be a result of how often I eat, not the sex of this baby, but I’m throwing it in there anyway.)
Chicken aversion.  Not as serious as it was with Kalena, but still there.

Symptoms similar to my pregnancy with Will:
No sweets craving (no more than usual- with Kalena I wanted cake like every 5 minutes.)
PB&J cravings.

Symptoms I had with both Kalena and Will:
Juice cravings.  I can go months without having juice.  Unless I’m pregnant, then I want it every day.
Lunchmeat sandwich cravings.  They’re just SO GOOD.
Allergies are worse than usual.

Symptoms that are new with this pregnancy:
Continuation of The Tired.  Normally this lets up at 14 weeks.  Not this time.
Horrible, lay on the couch wanting to die nausea.  Other pregnancies required nothing more than crackers to calm my stomach.
Aspartame aversion.  I couldn’t stand diet soda for the whole first trimester.  I now totally get what people mean when they say they can’t stand artificial sweetener.  It’s alright now, but it still has a very obvious taste so I mostly avoid it.  (I can even taste it in yogurt.)
Craving regular potato chips.  Normally I’m a cheddar and sour cream girl.
The constant headaches.

And there you have it.  Brian and I are both leaning toward girl, but I would have sworn Will was a girl until the ultrasound.  In fact, I believe my response to my OB saying, “Looks like it’s a boy!” was “Really? Are you sure?”  So there’s that.  Anyway, vote on the poll, (upper right) and give me your reasoning in the comments if you want!

12 thoughts on “Prediction time!

  1. My guess is girl; my complicated reasoning methods included flipping a coin. However, I am wrong about 90% of the time when I guess, so take that as you will.

  2. Hmmm…I have no idea. So far I'm two for two on recent sex guesses so I feel like I have a lot riding on this… I think I'm going to go with girl. This has nothing to do with your symptoms. Jason thinks you're having a boy. He says that's what Jesus told him.

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