Avoiding cooking for Thanksgiving

Y’all, we’ve been married for over 5 years and I have yet to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  Here’s how our Thanksgivings have gone down.

2006: We got married in June and honeymooned over Thanksgiving.  So for our first Thanksgiving we ate duck in Bora Bora.  (I really think this should be a yearly thing.)
2007: I was pregnant with Kalena so Brian’s family came to Texas for Thanksgiving.  His mom cooked.  She even made a ham because I had a ridiculous aversion to all poultry.
2008: We drove to Pueblo and had Thanksgiving at my sister’s house.  (Long drive from Texas.)  And we ended up having to stay an extra day because of snow.
2009: Back living in Colorado, we went to Alamosa to see Brian’s family over Thanksgiving.  One last trip before Will was born.
2010: Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.

And now this year.  I figured it would be Thanksgiving at my parents’ house again.  BUT.  Then my parents decided to ditch out on us for no reason!  (Actual reason: Kari and Jonathan are blessing the baby over that weekend so my parents are going to that.)  Fortunately I am a genius, so I suggested to Brian that we invite his family here.  And they accepted which means, once again, no cooking for me!  So.  How long do you think I can keep this up?  Do you cook for Thanksgiving or weasel out of it like me?

9 thoughts on “Avoiding cooking for Thanksgiving

  1. Okay, you DEFINITELY need to just plan on spending Thanksgiving with us. I LOVE cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday and better than my birthday BECAUSE of the cooking. So every year I cook enough food for like 12 people and then it's just me and Jason. So sad. I always wish we had friends that could come over.

  2. Last year was the first time I ever roasted a turkey, and it wasn't even on Thanksgiving proper. My mom does that, and I wouldn't dream of taking that from her because a) she's a fabulous cook, b) she had to wait a very long time to start being in charge as my grandmother held onto it forever, and c) I'd rather enjoy / help than be in charge if I can. But. Chris's family is notoriously hard to pin down for holidays, and I figured the only way to make them make a decision and a plan was to invite them to our house over Thanksgiving weekend. And I'm doing it again this year. We make it a potluck, with my making the turkey (and probably mashed potatoes, because no one wants to transport them) and everyone else bringing sides & dessert. Not too bad. It's probably become an expected tradition at this point, but I don't really mind because I love Thanksgiving and will take any excuse to keep celebrating, and it means I'm off the hook for Christmas.

  3. I've never made a holiday meal. Unless you count Christmas brunch last year, which I don't because I had LOTS of help.Instead we spend our Thanksgiving shuttling around.Half the day is spent with one set of Hub's grandparents. 1/4 is spent with the other set. And the last 1/4 is spent with my family. Then, of course the rest of the night and wee morning hours are spent shopping.(Luckily, even though we are running around all day, everyone lives within a 15 mile radius so it isn't as hard on us as it could be)

  4. First, I don't know the first thing about cooking turkey, so I'm going to milk my in-laws for Thanksgiving as long as possible. Second, I wasn't aware that Laura cooked. I only remember lots of peanut butter tortillas and chipotle. 🙂

  5. We host Thanksgiving for both sides of our family. I like it because we never have to travel! We do the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Everybody else brings the rest.

  6. I let Chris do the turkey, gravy, and stuffing. Then I do all the easy sides and the pumpkin pie. And then I let "Sara Lee" make the apple pie. Then I delegated to the sister in law to make the rolls. Then it wasn't so bad. But that was only last year. Other than that we've been with Chris's family. Will you be eating turkey or ham this year?

  7. I have been married almost 14 years and have never hosted a Thanksgiving. I have "helped" make the turkey a couple of times at my moms house.I make some pretty awesome rolls, pies, and yams, so I'm mostly there.

  8. Yep, also been married 5 years, but both of our parents are within driving distance, so all I ever cook is twice-baked sweet potatoes when we're at my folks. This year, we're at my folks, but /om is going to let/teach me how to cook the turkey. And I'll make the sweet potatoes.

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