Hating the germs

Did I mention that on Wednesday Brian left to go to Denver with the kids?  He had to go to a funeral (his grandmother’s husband) and offered to take the kids so they could see his family.  So this morning he got up and got the kids loaded in the car ready to come home.  They stopped at a gas station on the way out of Denver to get gas and something to drink.  And that’s where the vomiting started.

Kalena spent the 4 hour drive home throwing up.  And I was here, so poor Brian had to deal with it all without any help.  Fortunately Will was fine, but still NO FUN.  They did make it home eventually, so now we get to deal with the plague here.  There’s a small part of me that’s hoping Kalena will be the only one who get sick, but the realistic me says- HA HA HA.  Like we would get that lucky.

Well, at least I can hope it’s only a 24 hour thing, right?

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