22 weeks

And here’s what I look like now.

Note to self for future pictures- backlighting plus flash = weird looking picture.  Also, I think I may have mislead you all, but not on purpose!  I’m pretty sure I said my ultrasound was scheduled for tomorrow, but I think it’s actually scheduled for Tuesday.  Since I can’t actually find my appointment card and apparently I didn’t write the time and date down ANYWHERE, this thought is based on two things: 1) No reminder call on Friday (and my OB’s office is VERY good about reminder calls) and 2) My mom was pretty sure I told her it was on Tuesday.  Pregnant Elsha does not have a particularly good memory, so I believe my mom is more reliable in this situation.  
Also, my mom should be coming with me to the ultrasound because despite this being her ninth (!!!) grandchild, she hasn’t been to one, so she hasn’t seen all the cool new stuff they do.  Brian is indifferent about coming (which I get, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all, and he went to 4 when I was pregnant with Kalena) so he’ll be watching the kids.

And one last thing I forgot to mention on the predictions post- this baby will be a tie breaker.  Obviously for us, since we have one of each, but for my parents as well.  Right now they have 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters.  If this is a girl it will be the first time the girls outnumber the boys.  And the poll is over tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted yet it’s over there in the upper right.

3 thoughts on “22 weeks

  1. Dang you! I've been SO excited for today, and now you tell me I have to wait until tomorrow?! I might DIE of anticipation! I agree with Brian's mentality, unless it's finding out the gender! How can he not wanna be the first to know?! But I'm jealous that mom gets to go with you. It's those little things that make me want to live close.

  2. That'll be so fun for her to go! Not for you, but for her – ultrasounds are so cool to watch! Can't believe she never had one. I'm not voting, but I'm HOPING for a girl so we can split these dang clothes! I am as overwhelmed as Kari is, I think we need to come up with a better system. Like giving half of them away.

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