Big changes y’all

So, Brian got laid off today.

Maybe I should back up.  See, pretty shortly after I found out we were expecting again, things were not great in the industry Brian works (well, worked) in.  I won’t go into details, but we decided that we probably ought to come up with a plan B.  After much thought and deliberation we decided that this would be a good time for Brian to finish school.  He’s halfway through a computer science degree but had to quit school back when I got laid off in 2009 so we could move back to Colorado.  He’s wanted to finish school since we’ve been back, and we’ve talked about it several times but it’s never felt right.  This time it did.

Anyway, for him to go to school full time, he wasn’t going to be able to work full time.  And if he couldn’t work full time, we needed to cut WAY back on expenses.  So we went to my parents and proposed that we move back in with them while Brian finishes school.  They were pretty excited about this plan (no sarcasm here, my parents really like having us around.  Okay, maybe it’s my darling children they like having around but whatever.)  We started the process of moving back in with them and selling our house.  (Which is another post for another time.)  Brian got registered for school, financial aid in order, then went to his boss and suggested that he switch to working part time.  And his boss said sure.  This was a couple weeks ago.  We figured he’d work full time until January when the semester starts, then go to part time.  And then today happened.

To summarize:
I’m pregnant
We’re living with my parents
We have no income
AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME.  (Unfamiliar with our history of this?  Check out this post.)

We’ll have to seriously consider these patterns next time we want another baby.

15 thoughts on “Big changes y’all

  1. 1) I'm really sorry. Days like this can be so scary; my husband is due to be laid off January 17.2) Thank God your parents are able and willing to help.3) A new baby is always wonderful, even when they're exhausting.Praying all goes well, and that you have wonderful holidays.JNCLThe Beauty of Eclecticism

  2. I'm a new reader to your blog, but I just have to say how very sorry I am. I'm sure you'll make the best of it, you were already moving in that direction and mentioned that you've been through it before. Either way, I'm sending you some positive thoughts. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Ahhhh, there it is! I kept thinking I must have just missed the post where you talked about moving in with mom 'n dad and Brian in school and all that jazz… but here it is! I suppose at least there's a finality to his job instead of just tapering off into oblivion… I'm just using binoculars to find that silver lining, you know 🙂 And everyone's right, our 'rents are the best, so I don't EXACTLY pity you, and I'm downright jealous for your kids! Living it up with gramps.

  4. Oh Elsha, I am so incredibly sorry. Getting laid off is awful, even if you were planning on a change, because you're not to one in control. Thank goodness you have your family's support and a plan going forward (at least in part, if not more). Please remember you have the support of lots of folks out here in the internet, especially me. Sending good vibes.

  5. Oh I am SORRY. Adam was laid off when Sam was . . . 14 months, I think? And we knew we'd have to MOVE for another job, and it sucked. But it was eventually okay.It sucks, and can be so scary but I have faith that it will be okay in the end. Good, even. Thinking of you.

  6. Ugh, I'm sorry. It's so awful when an employer tells you one thing then turns around and does the opposite. I hope the move goes well. I suppose it would be kind of nice having people around to help with the older kids!

  7. I'm sorry that you guys are going through so much. Just remember that if God brings you to it he'll help see you through it. And I know that you have your parents to help out, but if you need anything at all feel free to call me or Chris anytime!! You've been there for me quite a few times and I know how it feels to be where you are!

  8. been praying for you… I mean… MAN! What rotten timing! I guess there is hope in that you'd already planned the moving, so that's not as much of a shock, but here's hoping for a swift & pleasant solution!

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