So close

I really want to start writing about Christmas.  Christmas traditions, thoughts on Santa, how much I love hot chocolate, etc.  But I feel like I shouldn’t be doing that until December.  Seeing as December is only days away, I feel like I should be able to hold out until then.  Unfortunately that leaves me topic-less until then.  And NaBloPoMo isn’t over yet, so now you just get to listen to my rambling!

On to other topics.  (Okay, so maybe I’m not completely topic-less.)  Baby clothes.  When I found out we are having another boy I felt a little bad that my sisters weren’t going to get to unload all the baby girl clothes to me.  And a little sad that I wasn’t going to have boxes and boxes of darling baby clothes to go through.  But then my parents went to Kirsta’s house for Thanksgiving (if you don’t know, Kirsta has 2 boys and a girl) and came home with two giant tubs of baby boy clothes!  It’s like the maternity clothes all over again!  So once again, WOOHOO for having sisters and all these babies being close in age.

4 thoughts on “So close

  1. I'm pretty sure you're officially allowed to talk Christmas after Thanksgiving. So you're good to go.Also, I was going to say, "Weren't there just as many baby boys in your family as girls?" But then you kind of mentioned that.

  2. I was SO THRILLED to get rid of those boxes of clothes! It's been such a bummer not being able to share kids clothes with you yet, and I knew you wouldn't mind second (now third) hand clothes, I have some serious favorites in there. I can't wait to see which ones turn out to be your favorites! I hope Will liked the stripey dino shirt, too, THAT is ones of my favorites.

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