What the kids are getting for Christmas

Probably you don’t care, but if you’re interested, here’s what the kids are getting for Christmas this year.

For Kalena from Brian and I:

A Disney princess dress up set.  (Photo credit: biglots.com)  That’s not the exact one, but it’s the closest picture I could find.

Dinosaur flash cards.  The girl is obsessed with dinosaurs.
From my parents:
Melissa and Doug shopping cart and food.  She loves her play kitchen (last year’s gift) and at one point she had a shopping cart.  They played with it until the wheels fell off.  Literally.  So we figured this would be an excellent choice.  (Photo credit: amazon.com)
For both kids from Brian and I:
A Mega Bloks table.  The kids love their set of mega bloks, but they always want something to build their towers on.  Here it is.  (Photo credit: amazon.com)
For Will from Brian and I:
The Little People Zoo.  I’m actually not positive this is the one I bought, apparently there are two.  I got one a couple months ago on clearance and I’m too lazy to go look at which one it is.  (Photo credit: target.com)
What can I say?  Both my kids are obsessed with dinosaurs.  (Photo credit: amazon.com)
From my parents:
A Vtech Alphabet Train.  The kids played with one of these in the waiting room at the dentist’s office and both loved it.  So now we’ll have one of our own for them to fight over.  Good times.  (Photo credit: amazon.com)
So.  What are your kids getting for Christmas?

4 thoughts on “What the kids are getting for Christmas

  1. I like that you don't get the kids like 1000 presents that they will forget about a week later.Jason is getting a mirror for the shower, a couple comic books and a hummingbird feeder. The other kid is getting, you know, nutrients and stuff.

  2. Ohhhh! That dinosaur book looks awesome! I'm off to put it in my Amazon Wish List-thing.Iris is getting a mega cat book and some large plastic zoo animals and one other gift I have saved on Amazon that I've yet to narrow down.Ezra is getting an Alphie and a Fisher Price doctor's kit and a book about space. And then they got a few small things in their stockings.

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