The Christmas things we DON’T do

I’ve read many posts on Christmas traditions (and don’t you worry, I intend to write one myself) but I thought it might be interesting to post a little list of Christmas traditions we don’t participate in and why.

1) We don’t look at lights on Christmas eve.  I love to drive around looking at all the twinkly lights, and we definitely will do that at least once (probably multiple times) this December.  However.  My parents’ neighborhood has long been one of THE PLACES to go light-looking.  Like, it’s made the newspaper’s list of places to go more than once.  So on Christmas eve?  This neighborhood is a crazy mess.  We’ve gone to other things on Christmas eve a time or two and come home and had it take a good 20 minutes to get from the only neighborhood entrance to our house.  (It should take about 2.)  It’s not fun, so we try to stay home Christmas eve.

2)  We don’t open any gifts on Christmas eve.  I know some people do stockings, some people open all the gifts, some people do grandparent gifts or whatever.  We wait until Christmas morning for all of it.

3)  We don’t do Christmas pajamas.  I have purchased Christmasy pajamas for the kids once or twice, but it’s not a *thing* we do.

4)  We don’t leave treats for the reindeer.  We always did the cookies for Santa, but that was it.  My kids are a little young for this yet, but I will not be doing anything for the reindeer even when they are older.  If reindeer come to our house they’re just going to have to go hungry.

5)  We don’t read “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas eve.  I’m sure we’ll read it at some point in December, but on Christmas eve I prefer to read the Christmas story in Luke chapter 2.

So, what traditions do you skip out on?

10 thoughts on “The Christmas things we DON’T do

  1. Well, I'm your sister so ya know, same traditions. Although I would like to do the pj's on Christmas eve thing, except with one child only 2 months old and not caring, and the other child having to wear no-escape pjs, I think we'll wait until next year to start. šŸ™‚ Also, I think you should do DecBloPoMo. I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  2. We don't do any of the things you listed here. As a matter of fact, we don't really have any true Christmas traditions. We try to go see lights at least once during the season. We tried to watch some Christmas movies. But we don't stress over not doing them either. This year we will be doing good to get the tree up. I casually mentioned to Chris I should at least decorate the house but that is as far as it has gotten. The boxes are still in storage.

  3. We do lights at some point, but usually when we are on our way home from something else and I say "why don't we take the long way in and look at some lights?" Not on Christmas Eve. I didn't realize that was a thing. We also don't do reindeer treats or Santa cookies yet. (We probably will do both later, but we'll see.) And we don't read anything on Christmas Eve, but again, we'll see.

  4. We don't do any of the things you listed, either. I'm especially adament about NO gifts on Christmas Eve. I even prefer to wait on presents until after the big Christmas lunch (stockings are in the morning, so you can enjoy that stuff until present time). My husband is not on board with that plan. At least he's not from a presents on Christmas eve family!

  5. We do leave reindeer treats (carrots), open A present on Christmas Eve (usually pjs'!) and go to look at lights on Christmas Eve after church. I (emphasis on I!) do not watch A Christmas Story. Everyone else does. I HATE that movie.

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