The real deal about Kalena waking up

The other day when I tucked Kalena in, she said something about going in to see Grandma and Grandpa when she woke up.  I thought this was odd, since they’re usually gone by the time her sun comes on at 6:45, so I tried to clarify.  “You mean you’ll see them when your sun comes on?”  But she assured me that she would see them when she woke up.  So then I asked my mom who confirmed that yes, Kalena DOES go into their room every morning when she wakes up.  At 5:00 am.  EVERY MORNING.

Apparently this is fine with them, and when they’re leaving for work they send her back to her room where she waits for her sun to come on.  Right now my sister is here with her two daughters and they’re staying in Kalena’s room, which means we had to move Kalena.  So my parents (because they are SAINTS) have Kalena and her little toddler bed in their room.  According to my mom, every morning at 5:08 (she says Kalena is very consistent) she wakes up and walks over to my dad’s side of the bed and just gets right in his face until he wakes up.  (I’m sure those of you with toddlers are all familiar with this- I know she’s done it to me.)  My dad finds this amusing, so then he tells her stories and lets her play on his iPad until he leaves.  And then she stays in there until her sun comes on.

I can’t even find it in me to be mad at her for not staying in her room (obviously this doesn’t apply while she’s actually staying in my parents’ room), because she’s not waking *me* up.  My parents get up that early anyway so they don’t mind.  And then she will go back to her room until it’s officially time to come out which I just find sort of weird.  Plus, you know, it’s their right as grandparents to let her bend the rules, right?

7 thoughts on “The real deal about Kalena waking up

  1. Wow, nice parents! And no wonder she keeps waking up, if she gets stories and an iPad. I would too. Nope, I'm lying, I wouldn't wake up to play with an iPad, I would sleep as late as possible.

  2. Two things: 1) That is VERY EARLY to be waking up. Holy smokes. I don't even understand toddlers. 2) That is also one of the most precious things I've read. I love how they have their special time and then she just hunkers down until 6:45am for you.

  3. Ha! It's so funny that your parents never mentioned this. And it's good that you have early bird parents! My mom would be not be so happy about this, I think. =)

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