You guys, I am STILL SICK.  This is the cough that never ends.  Thursday will be 4 weeks that I’ve had it.  And at this point I am SO ready for it to be over that I’m even looking forward to my gestational diabetes test because at least I’ll be better!  (I won’t be able to take the test until I’ve over it because right now I can’t make it an hour without cough drops or something.)

Anyway, how about if I just throw some more pictures of my kids up here hmm?

Here’s Will, feeding mac & cheese to his dinosaur.  Because, why not?

And Kalena, dressed up for church.  Not sure what’s up with that smile, but I love that little dress.

Will trying to hide from the camera.

And hopefully one of these days I’ll be better again.

8 thoughts on “Blargh.

  1. I just became sick this weekend too. I know that's not 4 weeks, but it still sucks. I feel like crap but can't afford to miss any of my last two weeks of work. On the positive side, it's my last two weeks of work. Anyway, hope you feel better.

  2. ICK! That is a long time to be coughing! I bet your body is mega sore. You poor thing!Not to give you advice you didn't ask for (but that's exactly what I'm about to do) have you been to the DR for it? My coughing was caused by a sinus infection, not just an ordinary cold.

  3. That stinks. I remember the wonderful spring of 2010, when I was pregnant with Veronica, that Teddy and I were both sick for over 2 months. Tylenol + Neti Pot were not much fun.I hope that you feel better soon, Elsha.

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