30 weeks in: so far so good

At my OB appointment last month, my doctor gave me the paperwork to go get my glucose tolerance test done.  I asked when I needed to do it and my doctor replied, “Oh, anytime you want.”  And then turned around and looked at me and said, “Before your next appointment.”  I sort of laughed to myself because OF COURSE I would get it done sometime in the next 4 weeks.  No problem right?  At that point I’d had my cough for about 2 weeks and I figured it’d be over soon (HA!)  So I was waiting to get better.  And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  By this Monday I was coughing less, so I figured sometime later in the week I’d go do the test.  Then Tuesday evening I got a message from my OB’s office reminding me of my appointment the next day.  WHOOPS.  Fortunately for me, I’d scheduled the appointment for late in the afternoon.  That left me time between Brian coming home from school (noon) and the OB appointment (4:20) to get the glucose test done.  Anyway, that’s mostly just a long story to tell you that I did my glucose test yesterday.  I’d tell you the results, but the doctor’s office didn’t have them yet.  Apparently they’ll call if I need to go in for the 3 hour test.  (I didn’t have to with Kalena, but I did with Will.)

So.  Then I had my appointment.  I don’t know if this is a third child thing, but I am paying way less attention this time around.  I know my blood pressure is good because the nurse always tells me the numbers (100 over 70 yesterday.)  I think I’ve gained about 27 lbs- ish.  That’s based on my home scale.  And a guess at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Also, pretty sure I had gained more and I’ve lost some while I’ve been sick.  I don’t know what I’m measuring (I assume she’d tell me if it was too far off) or what the heartbeat is (again, I assume she’d tell me if something was wrong.)  I also have a hard time keeping track of just how far along I am, but I think that’s mostly because *my* dates have me changing weeks on Fridays, the original ultrasound dates had me changing weeks on Thursdays, but somehow the due date they gave me (based on that original ultrasound) has me changing weeks on Wednesdays.  I don’t know how that happened.
Anyway, apparently I’m now moving to the every other week appointments.  And since I’m 31 weeks (yesterday, today, or tomorrow DEPENDING) I’m officially down to the single digits for weeks left.  Whoa.

5 thoughts on “30 weeks in: so far so good

  1. I'm surprized you even know roughly how far along you are! I lose track after about 14, until there's only about 4 weeks left. Everything else in the middle is just mush, and it doesn't change anything anyway. But use those reminaing single-digit weeks to live it up! Wahoo, grocery shopping with only 2 kids!

  2. So that's interesting that you're now doing appointments every other week…The assistant (who books the appts) kept referring to me as 32 weeks at my last appt. She said she would book my next appointment in 4 weeks at 36 weeks. Then I would go at 38 weeks and then start going weekly.Except for I was actually like a day away from being 33 weeks and she (I guess accidentally) booked it for 5 weeks away instead of 4. So I don't go in again until I'm almost 38 weeks.My doctor says that's fine (and I'm sure it is), but it feels kind of backwards. It seemed like I was going practically every week during the 1st trimester. And this will be the longest I've gone between visits.

  3. I think it's 3rd child syndrome. I kept losing track of all the pregnancy stuff, too. In fact, I'm still having trouble keeping track of it all…in general 😉 I'm glad everything is going well.

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