More fun blood draws!

The nurse from my doctor’s office called this morning.  As soon as I saw the phone number I knew what she was going to say- I failed the 1 hour glucose test.  This means I (once again) get to participate in the super-duper fun 3 hour glucose test!  Awesome right?  The nurse told me she’d fax the order over today and I can go anytime this week, but I’ll be going in on Friday.  It’s not that I’m putting it off (really I’d like to get it over with) but my dad has Fridays off so he’ll watch the kids if I go then.  And I think we can all agree that 3 hour glucose test with zero toddlers will at least be more enjoyable than 3 hour glucose test with two toddlers.

I had to do the 3 hour glucose when I was pregnant with Will, but I’ve looked through the archives and can’t see that I actually wrote about it, so here’s what I remember.  I didn’t fail that 3 hour, but I did have 1 high reading (I don’t know the number, or how much higher than the cutoff it actually was.)  My doctor just recommended that I stay away from concentrated sugar (no soda, no dessert, etc.) and that was that.  If I remember right, it was the 3rd blood draw that was high (the 3rd of the 4) and the lab techs had a particularly difficult time doing that draw.  I tend to not have great veins and there’s really only one that ever works but by the 3rd stick it was not cooperating.  Anyway, point being- that draw ended up being like 35 minutes late by the time they actually got it to work.  (I’m not sure if that affected anything, but that’s how it happened.)

I do warn them, by the way, that I tend to have bad veins.  I’ve found the lab techs pay more attention and are more likely to get it on the first shot if I say that.  Plus they’re more likely to bring in whoever is the bad vein “expert” if they start having trouble.

Anyway.  Fun times for Friday.

5 thoughts on “More fun blood draws!

  1. Oh bummer! That doesn't sound like fun. When I did my 1 hr test they seemed really concerned about getting it at like exactly 1 hr to the minute. Seems like 35 minutes off would not be okay… Anyway, good luck! I would have a hard time staying away from dessert!

  2. You don't go home right after you drink the stuff?? I went home even for the one hour test and came back 55 minutes later. (I'm talking about the watching the kids part). Also, I never really understood why this test is so late. I'd feel like saying "I only have 8 weeks left and NOW you're going to tell me to stay away from soda? Fat chance."

  3. Good luck! I had GD with Allison but not with Jordan. Wasn't too bad. Just had to watch what I ate – no OJ before lunch and no chocolate pop tarts for breakfast. In fact, the only thing I could eat for breakfast was plain oatmeal and peanut butter toast. Still can't handle oatmeal!

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