33 weeks

Ah yes, 33 weeks already. I had a doctor’s appointment today. My doctor expressed her annoyance that the nutritionist can’t see me about my gestational diabetes until Feb. 9th. What she said was, “No. That’s too long. You’ll be almost done by then.” And then she got her nurse to call and try to change the appointment.  But APPARENTLY this nutritionist only works part time and that is the very first time she can see me. 
Part of me is annoyed because, YEAH, I am going to be almost done by then. But mostly annoyed that they’re making me go at all. Because seriously? I’ve done my research. I’m on the low carb diet. I have a glucose meter, and I know how to test my blood sugar. Can they not just trust me to do it right on my own? I’m pretty sure this nutritionist lady isn’t going to tell me anything I didn’t already read on Google. (And seriously, if my blood sugars continue to be good I’m going to call the nurse next week and ask if I really, REALLY have to see the nutritionist.) 
On the upside, I’m not measuring big, so that’s good.

5 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. Isn't February 9th less than a week away?I've come to realize that a lot of people are incapable of managing basic things like their job or their life (This may be stemming from more maternity leave paperwork drama…). The doctor probably has to assume you're one of those people. Even though you're not.

  2. Good for you (you have to imagine my mom saying that, because she's the only person I've ever heard say it without sounding like a condescending jerk, and I mean it in the literal and affirming way) for aggregating your own fecal matter and doing what's right for you & your body.Also, you look awesome.Also, I'm consistently measuring 1 week ahead. Apparently I have "lots of placenta." Or the baby does, however you want to look at it. There's lots in there!

  3. My experience with nutritionists has always been slightly frustrating! They usually wind up asking me questions… but like Laura said, there are a lot of people out there who just can not do things for themselves and the doctor is covering her bases because the dumb people cause trouble for her and the smart people just have to suffer! You always have the right to say no though, if your doctor is really concerned about it just take her a food journal with your glucose readings included next visit. She likely wont know what to do with it, but at least she will be aware that you are not blowing her off.

  4. The nutritionist was actually pretty helpful for me. It was easier to ask a person questions than to Google it. And then get distracted by everything online and forget what I Googled in the first place! Email me if you have questions…I had GD with Allison and not with Jordan.

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