In which I annoy even myself

You guys, this is about to be a whole lot of whiny, so if you’re not in the mood for that just click away!

Here’s the thing. I am SO DONE with being pregnant right now. Yes, the gestational diabetes sucks, but if it were just that I’d be okay. But it’s not. I’m sore. Like, my whole body aches all the time for no reason. And you know what I can do for that? Take Tylenol! Which does NOTHING! This is making it hard for me to sleep, which means I’m tired all the time. Everything makes me have contractions- getting up from sitting or laying down, getting into a car, getting out of a car, picking up one of the kids, standing up for too long, going up or down stairs (which is pretty unavoidable in a 2 story house with a basement.) It sucks. And although my cough is better, the effects are lingering. If I laugh too hard or talk (or you know, read to the kids) for too long I start coughing again. I easily drink 64 oz of water a day just keeping myself from coughing. (I know the water is good for me, but I’d like to drink it JUST for hydration, ya know?)

Anyway, I’m annoyed at myself for being one of those women who says, “I’m done” because I KNOW how important it is for the baby to get to term. I KNOW that complications of having a preemie would be WAY worse than the discomforts I’m dealing with now. I KNOW that this baby will never be easier to care for (or more portable!) than right now while I’m pregnant. And I KNOW that I should be seriously grateful that I’m not dealing with actual complications, like pre-eclamsia or  preterm labor. But knowing all those things is not stopping me from counting the days until the end. (And hoping this baby comes a smidge early.)

8 thoughts on “In which I annoy even myself

  1. You are always free to complain as far as I'm concerned. I don't know why people frown on complaining so much. It's an excellent from of therapy.Anyway…sorry about all your discomfort! Hopefully you go into labor at 37 weeks exactly.

  2. I completely understand where you are coming because I felt that way towards the end of my pregnancy. I was so done it wasn't funny. I know there's no real relief until the baby gets here but I hope there is some way for you to relax a bit and get a little relief.

  3. I hit 32 weeks with Jordan and I was done, even without having GD! I had insomnia, iron issues, heat rashes, etc. DONE, DONE, DONE. I can totally relate!!

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