A rare sight indeed

My kids don’t sleep in public. They almost never sleep in the car. They don’t fall asleep while they play at home, even if they’re tired.

However, on Friday my dad took my kids out to lunch and the park. They missed nap time completely (it was way too late to put them down when they got home.) We were planning on dinner soon, so I put a show on for Will and left to do something. When I came back a few minutes later this is what I found:

So out of it he was snoring. And he’s definitely our kid- that’s a calculator he’s curled up with.

4 thoughts on “A rare sight indeed

  1. That is SO cute!! Amelia has only slept out of her bed once, but I have the feeling we'll get lots of great pictures of Addilyn in random places. I love the calculator too! "Let me just do a little math and take a little snooze."

  2. Aw, sweet little thing. I'm pretty sure Sammy would sleep with a calculator if we'd let him. He plays with one all the time, and maintains that the one he got in his stocking (dollar store, FTW) is his favorite present. Gotta love the little geeks!

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