A little concerned

I am starting to feel nervous about getting this baby delivered. Not about the actual delivery so much, but nervous that it won’t happen soon enough. See, I’m starting to have swelling in my legs and the lower part of my belly. It’s not super obvious swelling, but it is painful. It’s been going on for a week or so, and it seems to be getting worse. It used to subside overnight but it isn’t anymore. Also, I’ve gained 3 lbs or so in about the last week and I’m pretty sure it’s all water weight since I haven’t changed my diet. I know that swelling during pregnancy is normal and all that, but this is definitely concerning me.

Also? At my 37 week appointment on Thursday the nurse said there was a little protein in my urine. Not enough to be concerning (yet) and we laughed it off as being caused by the fact that pretty much my whole diet is protein, but still. Not something you want to see.

If you’re like me and you read way too much about pregnancy and possible complications, you’ll know that swelling and protein in the urine can both be indicators of preeclampsia. And you know what else? Having gestational diabetes puts me at higher risk for developing preeclampsia! (The awesomeness of gestational diabetes just NEVER STOPS.)

Of course, all of this could mean nothing. I don’t have any swelling in my face and my blood pressure continues to be awesome (both big indicators of preeclampsia.) But it’s still making me nervous. The cure for preeclampsia is simple: deliver the baby. Since I’m full term that’s not a problem EXCEPT! If the baby needs delivered and I’m not in labor that would usually mean labor induction. Only, because I had a c-section with Kalena it’s reeeeallly not a great idea to induce (risk of uterine rupture goes up.) And I so DO NOT want another c-section. (Having experienced both I have many thoughts on that. But that’s  for another post.)

Anyway, there’s really nothing I can do about any of it, which just makes things worse. And that’s why I’m blogging about it.

10 thoughts on “A little concerned

  1. 1) I really hope everything goes well & this baby decides to get himself born soon & without complications.2) I totally want to hear your thoughts on your c-section vs. VBAC

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