What the kids think about baby #3

You guys, I wish you could see how excited Kalena is for this new baby. She is seriously thrilled. She says good morning and goodnight to him every day; she kisses my belly any time she kisses me; she tells him she wants to meet him soon. It is all just adorable. Also, for a long time she thought she’d be able to see him as my belly got bigger, so she kept lifting up my shirt to look. I explained several times that she wouldn’t be able to see him until he was actually BORN, and I think she finally got it.

She likes to point out to me that my belly is getting bigger because the baby is getting bigger. And she understands that I do certain things because I’m pregnant, which I didn’t think she would be old enough to get. For instance, she knows I eat certain things (eggs, nuts, etc) because “they’re good for the baby” (and my gestational diabetes.) She knows I check my blood sugar to “make sure the baby is okay” (aka, my blood sugar is at a good level.) And last time I went to the doctor she didn’t want me to go because she thought it meant something was wrong with the baby. She kept telling me the baby was okay and I didn’t need to go to the doctor. She was fine after I explained that the doctor was just checking on him.

She promises that she’ll be helpful (she usually is) and that she’ll love him (I’m sure she will.) And all this is good because Will? Does not think I’m having a baby. If you point to my belly and say, “What’s in there? A baby?” He’ll say, “No! DINOSAUR!” Every. Single. Time. I’m hoping the transition won’t be too hard on him.

Also, every time Will says that it makes me think of this:

(image from here)
He’s going to be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “What the kids think about baby #3

  1. How old is Kaleena? Five-ish? Maragaret is such a little helper with the baby even now (at two), I can't wait to see how much more helpful she is when (if) we have a third and she's older!

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