“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C. S. Lewis
Shortly after delivery we were given a diagnosis which was confirmed by chromosome testing yesterday afternoon: Daniel has Down Syndrome.
He is currently in the NICU, but we’re hoping to have our sweet baby boy home with us as soon as possible.

29 thoughts on “Daniel

  1. He is so beautiful. I know this was unexpected, but I firmly believe that this precious soul is going to bless you and your family in ways we can't even imagine right now. You are in my prayers as you process all of this and wait to bring your sweet son home. I hope it's very soon!!

  2. I can imagine that you're feeling so overwhelmed and Daniel's arrival must be bittersweet because it hasn't gone at all the way you expected it to.He is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see more pictures of him and watch him grow in love.

  3. Elsha, he is just too cute and sweet for words. When I received word via email from your dad about his condition, my first honest thought was how lucky you and Brian are to have been chosen to be his earthly parents. He must be one special angel to have been sent to earth with protection from all the evil. You and Brian will honestly be the best parents to that little boy because you two are so patient and calm and understanding. It's unfortunate that signs of his condition were not detected in your ultra sound so that you guys could have at least been prepared, but the good news is that he arrived into the Gustavson family, and honestly, it doesn't get much better than that! Wishing him a speedy recovery, I know ALL about the NICU all too well….not fun. Hope he gets to come home super soon, and I SO can't wait to meet hom this summer! He is so dang cute! Lots of love to you guys! Xoxo

  4. He's such a pudgy baby that all I want to do is eat him up and kiss him and SNUGGLE HIM ACK, SNUGGLE. Congratulations! He's perfect. I am praying for a quick and painless trip home so you can enjoy him properly.

  5. Sending you love from our family to yours! I hope the little angel is able to come home soon so you and your family can shower him with lots of love! I also love the quote you choose.

  6. Oh my goodness, Elsha! He is so sweet and soft looking and smooshy. There is nothing I want more for you all than for him to come home.

  7. He's beautiful, I just wish I was closer to hug him and hug you. Here's praying for a smooth trip home, very very soon. I hope you're doing okay, physically and mentally.

  8. So many comments, so much support, what more could I possibly say? Only that I'm the lucky commenter who gets to hang out with this cool dude (Dan the Man) as he gets bigger. Looking forward to him!

  9. Elsha, I gasped and teared up when I saw the Lewis quote and the picture of Daniel. You are the perfect parents for this sweet boy, in ways I'm sure none of us can begin to imagine yet. So, so many blessings to you.I know you said on Twitter that you hoped to bring Daniel home from the NICU today. I hope he's home already! But you're all in my prayers either way – NICU time is HARD and I'm sorry you had to start his life this way.Love to your whole sweet, blessed family. XOXO

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