Finally home

We got to bring Daniel home from the NICU yesterday! He’s still on oxygen, but apparently it’s common in Colorado for babies to go home from the NICU on oxygen (altitude and all that.) We have a home visit from a nurse this afternoon and our first pediatrician’s visit on Monday. Hopefully he won’t have to be on oxygen for too long, (he’s currently at the lowest setting) but it’s up to the pediatrician to decide when he’ll come off.

Check out all that hair! The nurses all loved it. We’re 3 for 3 on babies with a bunch of hair.

Ready to leave (in my St. Patrick’s Day green):

Don’t you just want to nibble on those cheeks?! I do.

16 thoughts on “Finally home

  1. Congratulations on your adorable baby with designer genes. I have one myself, who is almost 5 1/2. If and when you feel like checking in on someone who is a little further down the road than you are, please feel free to stop by and ask any questions or whatever. http://peanutbutternojam.blogspot.comI hope you are having a wonderful, peaceful time getting to know this new person.

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