Dreading tomorrow just a little

It’s been 2 weeks since Daniel was born and tomorrow is the first day I’ll be home by myself with all the kids. He was born at the start of spring break, so not only was Brian out of class, my mom was off work. (Having them home was especially good since I spent all week running back and forth to the NICU.) Plus we had company all week. Then the day Kari and Jonathan went home, Brian’s mom and brother came to visit. They were here all last week, and went home yesterday. Today is Sunday (OBVS) so everyone is here. But tomorrow it’s just me. Just me and 3 kids, one of whom needs some serious reminders of what “real life” (aka: no grandparents spoiling her) is like.

I’m pretty sure I can handle this sleepy guy:

 And this serious looking little man:

Just wish me luck with this hooligan:

11 thoughts on “Dreading tomorrow just a little

  1. HAAAAA! That picture of Kaleena made me laugh. God love her.I'll be thinking of you mucho tomorrow And just remember you're bigger. When in doubt–you'd win in the wrestling ring.

  2. Grandparent detox is the absolute worst. It takes at least a week for my daughter to get back to normal after being spoiled within an inch of her life. I'll be send you all my good thoughts for a smooth transition.

  3. It looks like Kalena's sitting on a giant walnut! And, of course, you have no sympathy from me on 3 kids at home with your hubby at work and no mom or dad around – haha! LIFE CHECK!! But I'm definitely interested to see how it goes 🙂 Feel free to ease into the transition with copious amounts of movies and sugary snacks until you're back on your proverbial feet.

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