Always with the dinosaurs

While Brian’s mom was here, she took the kids to the dinosaur museum. And, since it is a grandmother’s prerogative to spoil her grandchildren, she let the kids each pick out a dinosaur toy (or two) from the gift shop. Will? Picked out a ceramic dinosaur. CERAMIC. The kid is two! But his is irresistibly cute, so she said yes.

Have you ever seen a toddler hug a ceramic dinosaur? It’s a little weird. Also, we totally hid the dinosaur since he dropped it (and broke pieces off) twice the first day he had it. I would put it up on display in his room, but he really just wants to hold it anytime he sees it. And I just can’t let him take a ceramic dinosaur to bed to cuddle with.

8 thoughts on “Always with the dinosaurs

  1. Joe's mom thought it was a good idea to gift Joe's ceramic piggy bank to Patrick when he was about 2. Needless to say it sits, broken, in the boys' closet. WEIRD, couldn't have seen that coming!

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