Fattening up!

Well, as of Monday Daniel is back to his birth weight! Just barely, but still. Of course, now the pediatrician wants to see him keep gaining like that, so one more weigh in before they’ll look at taking him off oxygen.

What do you think, do his cheeks look chubbier today?

I have many, many things I intend to write about (and about a million half done posts in my drafts folder) but I keep getting distracted. I guess having 3 kids under 4 will do that to you. However, if there is anything at all that YOU want me to write about, let me know and I will. (And I promise I’ll do my best to not just let it sit in my drafts folder forever.)

11 thoughts on “Fattening up!

  1. My Pacey was born at 30 weeks and when he finally came home from the NICU it was on oxygen (also 1/32 of a liter). I was so, so anxious for him to come off of it and I would get really wound up each time the doctors would tell me they wanted him to keep it on longer. Finally, one of the pulmonologists explained that giving him that little bit of oxygen would allow to him work a little less hard at just breathing and living, and save some energy for eating, growing and developing. In case you're getting down about it, perhaps it would help to think of it that way. I know you're still just beginning the journey with Daniel, but I'd love to read about some of the ways it is the same or different to parent him vs. your other children. Pacey was my first and I often wonder in what ways things would have been harder or easier had he not been the first. Gorgeous boy you have.

  2. He totally looks bigger and I love his little faux hawk! As for topics to write about you could write about how much your life has changed with the addition of the third baby or what your typcial day looks like now!

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