After this I’ll quit with the Easter pictures

Here’s Will after finding his basket. For the record, we do some candy and a book for each basket. I figured by doing a set thing every year I can avoid going overboard on the presents. Because sometimes I just want to buy my kids everything. So a book every year it is. Will got a book of Danny and the Dinosaur stories; Kalena got a book of Berenstain Bear stories.
(I love this shirt SO MUCH.)

Kalena with her basket. Or as she says it, “backsit.”

Actual things that Will said as these pictures were being taken:
“No egg!” (Definitely an egg)

“There it is!” (Still looking in exactly the same spot.)

It’s fun to watch kids miss eggs “hidden” in the most obvious places. We hide hard boiled eggs, but we only got through 2 rounds of hiding before Will started peeling one to eat it. My kids really like hard boiled eggs.

6 thoughts on “After this I’ll quit with the Easter pictures

  1. Wes has that dinosaur shirt and I love it, too. It makes me sad that it's too hot down here for him to wear it now. By the time it's cold again, he'll be too big … BOO!

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