Vaseline face

A couple weeks ago Will had a cold. A runny nose combined with the cold, dry weather meant the skin on his face got really dry and chapped. So a couple of times we put vaseline on the chapped skin before bed. Apparently it helped a lot because Will really liked it. He would say, “More. More. More.” softly until all the chapped skin was covered. Then he would say, “That nice.” (It was really freaking cute.)

Fast forward to today. He’s long over the cold, but apparently he remembers how nice the vaseline felt because he found it and got into it.

The best part was when Brian brought him to show me I said, “Oh, Will.” and he got the saddest, most heartbreaking look on his face. I think he thought we were mad at him.

Here he is with his shiny face. And hand.

Gobs of vaseline in his hair and on his ear.

It was pretty awesome.

8 thoughts on “Vaseline face

  1. I had a friend's kids get into vaseline during a playgroup – he got it all over himself AND the bedspread and walls and mirror… I think you guys got off pretty easy with Will 🙂

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