Adorable dinosaurs

After Daniel was born, my good friend Laura sent me a package with gifts for all my kids. And those gifts were adorable dinosaur shirts! Well, a dino onesie for Daniel.

Here’s Will modeling his:

And Kalena in hers:

Don’t worry, I cropped it so you can’t see how badly her shirt clashed with her BRIGHT pink pants. Do you like her bow-tie? She took it off a big stuffed penguin. Really makes her look snazzy. Three year olds pick some great outfits.
Aren’t those shirts cute? (The answer is yes, if that wasn’t clear.) No picture of Daniel yet, because his is still too big. As soon as it fits though!

5 thoughts on “Adorable dinosaurs

  1. How about this timing. I just got your thank you card. I did make them…so if they fall apart in the wash or something remember it's the thought that counts.

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