Test time

Daniel had his oxygen test on Friday. Here he is hooked up to the saturation monitor:
See that 96 on there? That’s his saturation percent (and that’s good, if you’re wondering.) So HOPEFULLY when the pediatrician calls it will be to tell me to we’re done with the oxygen. 
By the way, have I ever mentioned here how much I LOVE our pediatrician? Well, I love her. A LOT. We got put with her by default when we moved here– she was the only doctor in the practice taking new patients. She’s been great with Will and Kalena, but since Daniel was born she’s been even better. She hasn’t been able to see him yet (she was on vacation so we saw the pediatrician who diagnosed Daniel when he was born (we like him too)) so she’s called me twice to check on him (and me.) She called me herself, how great is that? Seriously, we can’t ever move because I’ll never find a pediatrician who measures up.
Moving on. How about a picture of a baby with a monkey on his butt?
I knew you’d like that.

8 thoughts on “Test time

  1. Love his little outfit! Sawyer has a tiger one waiting for him to wear. As for the ped, if we ever move back I am going to need that doctors name and hope she is still taking new clients!

  2. Hoping you get the no O2 call very soon! It is great having a pediatrician you love! We have gone through a few over the years and I love the one we have now!

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