We went to Hogle Zoo this weekend, in Salt Lake. The kids were SO excited to see all the animals.

Will especially loved seeing animals swim. And he was very insistent on wearing his hat.

Daniel slept for most of the day in the Ergo. It was HOT for both of us, but it made it easy to carry him at least. That’s a walrus skull I’m standing next to, in case you were wondering.

Brian and Will. Will’s hat size says 2T-4T, but it’s still a little small for him.

He was SO THRILLED to see that crocodile. He’s convinced that every body of water ever contains either crocodiles or sharks. 

Kalena refused to cooperate for most of my pictures, but here’s one of her with my dad checking out the giraffes.
And one more of Daniel! His little romper was a hand-me-down from my sister and just right for this outing. (It says “zoo crew” if you can’t read it.) 

Kalena loved the whole trip and asked if we could stay forever. She settled for going back some other time.

6 thoughts on “Zoo!

  1. OMG Daniel is adorable! I'm equally amazed at how big Kalena is. Have I mentioned this before? Also, you're in Salt Lake? How did I not know this? Why am I shocked to learn that I'm not intimately aware of your schedule?

  2. As I am typically the boy-clothes-hander-downer I'm assuming that Zoo Crew came from me? Yet I have never had either of my boys wear it before, for sure! I didn't even recognize it. Cute, though! And perfect occasion.

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