Wide awake.

Kalena doesn’t understand that when people are sleeping you should let them sleep. I think her life motto is: If I’m up, you should be up. It isn’t so bad when she’s waking up the adults, but she has recently taking to waking her brothers. On purpose. While I think it is adorable that she wants them to be up so she has playmates, it is bad news because these boys need their sleep! She woke Daniel up half an hour into his morning nap today. His morning nap which normally lasts at least 2 hours. I spent the rest of the day trying to get an overtired baby back onto his normal schedule.
Her reason for waking him up? “I just wanted to keep him comfy.” That’s her four-year-old version of “keep him company.” Cute, yes, but maybe let’s confine the cute to waking hours from now on, hmm?

6 thoughts on “Wide awake.

  1. For serious? Claire figured out REALLY FAST not to wake up the baby because then you have to listen to her cry. And, that's unpleasant! I was so glad she figured that one out on her own, early.

  2. Our house is backwards – Caroline wakes up Eli! And if the door is cracked for her to push it open she just bangs on it really loudly, trying to wake him. Then he cries, "Cawine woke me up!" Oh, man. Kids.

  3. That must have been rough! Especially considering how much he's up at night… oh wait. JK I know how annoying it is when the big kids wake the baby. And by big kids I mean the grandparents. Particularly Grandpa…I'll bet Kalena is more respectful than Grandpa…

  4. Isn't it funny how, as adults, we will lay on the carpet all day, but when a baby comes we feel like they need to lay on a blanket? I notice this is all your pictures because I totally do it with Addilyn. Also, I love Daniel's fist! He's like, "oh no." (in pheobe's voice.) That's annoying of Kalena, but cute that she want to keep him comfy. 🙂

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