No more Mr. Baby

As you probably already know, we have many nicknames for Will. Buster, Buster Brown, Mister Buster, just plain Mister, and the list goes on. My mom though, liked to call him Mister Baby.

While I was pregnant my sister Kari kept insisting that she needed to quit since there would be another baby around soon. But my mom kept saying that Will was always going to be Mister Baby to her. And for a while he was.

Then the other night when I put him to bed I said, “Goodnight Mister Baby.” And Will grinned and said, “No, I not baby Daniel!” And that was that. He won’t let anyone call him Mister Baby anymore.

And really, he’s not a baby anymore.

Don’t worry, Daniel wasn’t in any danger of falling off the couch here. Will doesn’t do the best job of holding him up, he mostly just lets Daniel lay across his lap. (That’s Will’s “I’m done” face, by the way.) It’s a good thing Daniel is around to be the baby now.

6 thoughts on “No more Mr. Baby

  1. I'm a fan of Daniel's face in this pic. Also – speaking of nicknames that are no longer. We don't call Ruby the turkey anymore. Mostly just Ruby-do. As in Roo-bee-do-bee-do.

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