10 things about me

We’re back from Denver! Okay, we were back on Thursday. The visit to the Sie Center was excellent, and I’ll write it up soon (I want to go over the notes first.) So today, 10 things you might not know about me.

1) I’ll make assumptions about you based on the books you keep in your house. If you have everything on a reader, I’m gonna need to see that. So I can make assumptions about you. (I find home libraries fascinating.)

2) I don’t wear shorts. Capris maybe, but not shorts. Last time I wore shorts was when we were in Hawaii in 2008.

3)  I love shopping for cute shoes. However, I wear the same few pairs of shoes all the time. It took YEARS for me to admit this to myself and stop buying shoes I don’t wear.

4) I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV. Even if I’m watching a movie I need to be doing something else. Internet surfing, stitching, scrapbooking, SOMETHING.

5) Typing that last one reminded me of this one: I have old lady hobbies. I cross stitch. I quilt. I make scrapbooks. I bake. I just need to learn how to knit and/or crochet and I’m all set! (I really would like to learn that.)

6) I’ve never dyed my hair, and I probably never will. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) I really like my natural color and 2) I’m WAY too lazy to keep it maintained.

7) I like the way my toes look pedicured, but I’m SUPER ticklish, so I’m not I huge fan of the actual pedicure process.

8) I am good at baking desserts. I make yummy cookies, cake, pie, and brownies. But I can’t bake bread to save my life.

9) I am much more productive when I get up in the morning and put on jeans instead of yoga pants. I guess yoga pants are just too comfortable.

10) Today is our sixth anniversary. We celebrated by going to a matinee. Then Brian went golfing with my dad. We are the most boring people ever.

11 thoughts on “10 things about me

  1. Not THE most boring ever. Kari had to remind Joe and I that we were having an anniversary, and I chose to go to Red Lobster. I think we were the only people there under 50 years old (we went out at 5:00, like a bunch of old people). Looking forward to the write-up, so bummed that whenever people hit Denver we won't be there to greet them 😦

  2. Learning to crochet is SUPER EASY. I have not a single crafty bone in my body, and I can totally crochet. And if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Collect all the grandma hobbies!

  3. 2-I haven't worn shorts since 1998, as far as I can remember.3-Yes! Me too! I'm v. Jealous of my SIL who has som 45 pairs of shoes and manages to wear them all regularly.4-This is Jeremy.100%

  4. I also judge people by their books. I had a friend who once told me that she didn't "get" A Wrinkle in Time. After that, I had a very low opinion of her intelligence. I don't dye my hair either. For both of your reasons. I may eventually do it though because I have been going gray since 25. Early graying runs in my family and I am actually doing amazing by making it to 31 without being totally gray.

  5. 1 – Chemical engineering textbooks, tons of Star Wars novels and even more comic books, the Harry Potter series and a shelf or so of misc. What do you suppose that says about us?2 – I don't do shorts either.9 – I am also more productive when I get properly dressed in the morning.10 – Happy anniversary!

  6. There are truly amazing how-to-knit videos on YouTube. In the last year I've gone from "knit one scarf ever" to "knitting dresses for my granddaughters." Have at it!(I recommend starting with a dishcloth; even if you mess up, it's still useful when you're done.)

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