Blogging binge

So my friend Laura mentioned that she was going to try blogging every day in July and asked if anyone wanted to join her. I said I might, since I haven’t been blogging as much as I want lately. And she posted her first Blogging Binge post today and linked to other participants, including me! Now I’m obligated.

Let’s start off with a smiling Daniel. I still can’t manage to get a good smiling shot, but Brian has taken a couple and here’s one of them.

Daniel isn’t a particularly happy baby, he’s mostly mellow. (Kalena was a happy baby, MAN.) But when he smiles, his whole face lights up. It’s awesome. 

6 thoughts on “Blogging binge

  1. I LOVE HIS SMILE!And it's funny what you said about Kalena being a super happy baby because I could totally see it. She ALWAYS looks bright and shiny with happiness!

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