Well. This was quite the evening.

After we got the kids down for the night, Brian and I were in our room reading. I heard a noise at our door so I said, “Kalena?” since she gets out of bed approximately one million times before she actually goes to sleep. She didn’t respond so I figured she had gone back to her room, knowing she wasn’t supposed to be up. But then? Then we heard Will’s voice. Will, who sleeps in a crib. Will, who we had JUST put in a crib, not 15 minutes earlier. Brian got up to see what was going on and sure enough, there was Will running around upstairs. He was *quite* pleased with himself. We confirmed with my mom that she hadn’t gotten him out of the crib. WE HAVE A CLIMBER.

Kalena never once climbed out of her crib. She climbed INTO it on more than one occasion, but never out of it. I am so NOT ready to move Will to a toddler bed, but WHAT DO WE DOOOOO? For now we’ve moved his crib and we’re holding out hope that he won’t do it again. See, his crib was pushed up against a bed, so he climbed out onto the bed where he could get down easily. We moved it away from the bed, so I’m HOPING that he won’t climb out if he’d just have to fall all the way to the floor. Hopeful even that he used the bed as leverage and *can’t* get out of his crib without it to step up on.

Anyway, wish us luck! I’ll keep you updated for sure.

8 thoughts on “ACK!

  1. Oh No! I remember when Sammy was about 18 months old, he just showed up in the living room after I'd put him down for a nap. I knew I was in trouble. I looked at crib tents (I agree with Jen that lids for cribs – good idea), but they were crazy expensive for the relatively short time we'd probably need it. (Are they even available anymore? I think I heard they'd been outlawed or something.) So I bit the bullet and moved him to a bed. We already has a bed in the room, since it had been a guest room before baby. It was a challenge to get him to stay put, but he got the idea eventually. In the meantime, I spent a lot of time sitting next to the bed or outside his door singing lullabies and catching him when he tried to escape.Hopefully this is a one-time trail and he'll go back to staying in the crib for awhile longer. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Will, be good to your mama and stop the climbing.

  2. Moving them to a big bed is always so stressful. Nora climbed out of her crib regularly before we moved her. Bad Mom, I know. She was so tall though that it was super easy for her, she never got hurt! Although she never climbed out until she had woken up, she went right to sleep when we put her down so that was nice! Hope you get rest tonight and he stays safe! If he continues to climb out and thumps to the floor I would just move it back by the bed to keep him safe until you figure out your next move.

  3. you don't have to do anything hehe.. when my kids started climbing out we just left the side down. It was worse with a bed, but at least the crib signaled "sleep" and they didn't roll off in the middle of the night.

  4. Sonofagun, we could have sent the crib tent with Kari! I bet he was just doing it to see if he could do it, though. We found Caroline completely nekked in her crib twice and I had visions of the backwards nighties Kalena wears, but she hasn't done it since and that was a month ago… I think she was just fiesty that day. Fiesty li'l kids.

  5. 2 1/2 years is a pretty good run! I can understand not being read to give up the crib yet, though. We made it to just past 3 with Margaret. Switching her to a bed was no big deal, though. She was up a lot (not bothering us, though) the first couple nights and now isn't at all.

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