Kalena tidbits

For today, you get to hear a little about Kalena these days.

First of all, she gets herself dressed. This is both awesome and hilarious. Awesome for the obvious reason– I don’t have to dress her! She even picks her outfits the night before and set them out. Hilarious because of her sense of style. In her mind, for something to go together it needs to be The Same. For example, a pink shirt needs a pink skirt. A purple shirt needs purple shorts. And a striped shirt needs striped shorts. The stripes and stripes combo is her favorite. Like so:
She bosses Will around like he’s her own personal man-servent. All day every day I hear things like, “Will! Come here and turn the light on for me!” or “Mister! I need your help!” or (to me) “Mister won’t do this for me!” (in a pleading voice, as if I ought to sympathize greatly with his ignoring her.) She’s polite, so it makes me laugh, and mostly he is very compliant which just makes it that much funnier.
She is very interested in words, and will often point at words and ask what they say. She’s especially interested in rhyming words, although she really has no idea how they work. She just says two words to me and asks if they rhyme. Then when I (inevitably) say no, she asks what does rhyme with them.
And, as always, she loves baby Daniel and always wants to give him hugs, kisses, and pats.
(And, of course, she always wants to keep him comfy.)

4 thoughts on “Kalena tidbits

  1. I pretty much want to frame that picture of Daniel with a giant preschool paw coming towards him. It made me laugh out loud at work.

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