Swim lessons

We’re getting to the end of Kalena’s swim lessons this year, so here’s a little list of the things I’m liking and disliking this time around.

Things I like:
1) The frequency. Lessons at the local pool are 4 days a week and you sign up for 2 week sessions. It’s relatively easy to find a 2 week block during the summer with no travel, so we can make it to all the lessons. Plus I think it’s helpful for kids Kalena’s age to practice every day so they don’t forget.

2) The time. (We picked the time, so it seems pretty obvious that I would like it, but I’m still going to explain why.) Kalena’s class is in the 12:10 to 12:45 time slot. This means we come home immediately after lessons, feed the kids, and then they go down for naps and generally sleep until 4 or 4:30. Also, it’s usually blazing hot by 12:10, so the kids are eager to go.

3) Class size. The classes are all taught by lifeguards and the younger classes are usually about 5 kids each. Big enough for games, small enough for individual attention.

Things I don’t like:
1) There is a set of twins in Kalena’s class who both HATE swim lessons. Hate the water, hate getting in, hate the teacher, hate everything. And they demonstrate their hatred by SCREAMING for the whole 35 minutes. I’m not exaggerating. My big issue with this is that in the class description it specifically says that this class is for kids under age 5 who are COMFORTABLE in the water. These kids are obviously not. So either they need to be in a different class (usually with kids like this the lifeguard will move them down a class after the first day– not sure why that didn’t happen here) or they shouldn’t be in lessons yet. I’m also unclear as to why their mother continues to make them go.

2) The parents and kids who sit around after the previous lesson sessions are over. Back in the day, when I took swim lessons at this pool, parents didn’t come in at all. They called classes at a side gate and then parents could watch from a set of bleachers outside the fence. Now, parents bring their kids in and sit and watch the lessons (which is fine.) But then! Instead of leaving after lessons, some parents just hang out. They feed their kids snacks, and let them play on iphones or whatever else. They can’t get in the pool while lessons are going on, and the pool closes (and they kick everyone out) from 12:45 to 1:30, so it’s not like they can just stay until regular pool hours. GO HOME PEOPLE.

And what I’ve learned from this is that it’s PEOPLE I dislike, not actually anything about the lessons.

Kalena is skeptical of the picture taking.

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