Conversations with Will

The other day at dinner Will requested more butter for his roll (because he’d licked all the butter off.) When Brian told him no Will pointed his finger and said, “You not talk like that!”

This morning when I asked Will if he wanted to go to the splash park to day he said, “Yes. Needa fight the water.” (He totally did, I’ll post pictures another day.)

My mom got him out of bed the other day and the first thing he did was tell her, “Need moofin” because we’d had blueberry muffins a couple days before. (He LOVED them and ate like half the batch.) But they were gone so my mom said, “I didn’t make muffins today, I made a frittata.” To which he responded, “No tata! Need moofin!” as if he actually knew what a frittata was. He ate it anyway, because the kid is addicted to eggs.

And last, (I know this is not a conversation) he has started saying “yeps” and “nopes” all the time. Always plural.

This kid man. He makes me laugh.

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