Some pictures

I didn’t take many pictures while Kari and Jonathan were here, but I did get some of Amelia’s birthday party, so here you go.

Daniel hanging out with Aunt Kari. She pretty much wanted to trade babies with me because Daniel is so awesome. Okay, it was because I’ve been blessed with a great sleeper and not so much, in her house.

A family picture! I would be more excited except they go get their family pictures done every couple months. So they always have very nice looking, current family pictures. We have done formal family pictures 3 times– right after Kalena was born, right after Will was born, and right after Daniel was born. I’m fat in all of them. (No seriously, all three times it was less than a month after I’d had a baby.) Also I didn’t realize Amelia was making a face or I’d have retaken it.

Kari and Amelia with some puzzles from my kids. Complete with glare on the glass door behind them. Because I am an EXCELLENT photographer.

Amelia blowing out candles. She turned 3, but we used candles for the antennae so she only got 2. Good thing she has no idea that the number of candles should be the age she’s turning.

There you have it. We also went to the dinosaur museum but I refused to take any pictures there, because I discovered (last time I printed pictures) that I take pictures EVERY TIME we go there with cousins. NO MORE! (Even though they have a new “ice age” exhibit. (The time period, not the movie.) And I sort of wanted to take some pictures.) 

5 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. The size pictures of the two cousins were crazy! Especially since Daniel is not big for his age. LOL. Her littles are little! And love how he has skinny legs like Kalena did. Most babies I've seen with Down Syndrome (which isn't many, my experience was mostly with older kiddos) have chunky legs. Anyway, I loved all the pics and posts. Kalena is getting so big and her sense of style is rockin! πŸ˜‰

  2. When Anna was a baby I always thought "people with good-sleeping babies are so freaking lucky and I HATE THEM." And now that I have a good sleeper I know that I was RIGHT TO DO SO.

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