How’s this for creepy?

On and off over the past several years we’ve had a bat living at our house. One summer it lived between the screen and the glass of one bedroom window (NEVER opened that window.) Last year it lived in the eaves above the front porch. We did some things that theoretically got rid of it, but this summer it came back. (Do you like how I just *assume* it’s been the same bat every year? I prefer to think we have ONE bat that really likes the house, rather than having a house that bats seek out to live in.)

Anyway, this summer it was back. And you can tell it came back because you see the bat poop on the front porch. We rarely see it, but the other day I noticed it hanging up there- CREEPY. It was still there the next day. And the next. So today Brian decided to try to scare it away. He was throwing a tennis ball at it, and nothing. Hitting the roof next to the bat and NADA. But he was a man on a mission, so he got out the hose. (I was safely inside while all this was going on.) He starts spraying it with the hose and finally this bat falls down and it’s ALREADY DEAD.

YOU GUYS. It was hanging up there DEAD!! Ugh. I’m creeped out just thinking about it. And now you can all go to bed thinking about creepy dead bats. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “How’s this for creepy?

  1. My parents had a bat living in their BEDROOM curtains for a while. My mom would hear it and say "there's something in here" and my dad would be all "nah, go to sleep." And yes, a bat, flying around their room at night.

  2. I'm so disgusted and creeped out right now! Bats give me the willies just thinking about them, but them to have one fall down dead right in front of you.. YUCK! How did he pick it up? And did he just throw it in the trash? Creepy.

  3. Creepy is right. When we lived in an Austin high rise my dachshund once killed a bat on our balcony. I almost died on the spot.Also, two bats were flying around the church during our wedding ceremony. Romantic, yes?

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