I think I’d prefer butterscotch

Did I ever tell you about the time my grandma made my dad a peanut butter and butterscotch sandwich? Well, you may remember she was basically blind, and we had a Smucker’s jar of butterscotch which looked a lot like a jar of jelly. So one day my grandma was making my dad lunch (which she insisted on doing) and she got out the butterscotch instead of the jelly. She realized partway through making it that it *wasn’t* jelly but she served it to my dad anyway. And he ate it! Despite thinking it tasted funny. We’ve laughed it that story many times since then.

Fast forward to dinner time tonight. I asked Kalena if she’d like me to make her a sandwich and she told me she’d like a “peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich.” Ahahaha! Yuck.

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