How we met

Have I ever told you the whole story of how Brian and I met? I don’t think I have, but I’m too lazy to look through my archives to check, so if I have, you’re about to hear it again.

I graduated from college in May 2005 and I did not have a job yet, so I moved home. Kari was also living at home, so when I wasn’t on the computer applying for a million jobs every day I was hanging out with her. We played a lot of Tetris Attack (best game!) and went out together many nights. It felt like summer the whole time I lived at home, but our “how we met” story really starts at my birthday, which is in September.

Kari and I went out on my birthday (or maybe the day before?) to a party that a friend of hers was throwing. I was turning 23 and feeling a little bad that I STILL had no job 4 months after graduating. (Interviews yes, job no.) Anyway, at this party I met a guy who asked me out. I said yes. I was pretty sure I didn’t *actually* want to go out with this guy but I was bored so why not? We went to a movie and by the time it was over I was SURE I didn’t want to go out with him again. But when he called a few days later and invited me to dinner and a party I figured I’d give him a second chance.

When we got to the party he ditched me. I don’t just mean he left me standing there while he mingled with his friends (which he did.) I mean, I made several attempts to engage him in conversation and every time I did he ignored me and walked away. Awesome date right? Right. Also? He had picked me up so I had no car! And it was a birthday party for a friend of his, so I knew nobody else there!

When I realized that he wasn’t going to be any kind of host, I thought to myself, “This is not going to ruin my night.” Then I looked around the party, saw Brian and thought, “He’s cute. I’m going to go talk to HIM.”

It was quickly apparent that we shared the same weird sense of humor. At one point we were standing in a group of people and everyone else was talking on cell phones. We laughed about the fact that they were all on phones even though they were AT a party. Then we (sarcastically) decided they must be on phones because they were cooler than us and that we ought to get on our phones too. So he called me and we proceeded to make fun of them over the phone. While we stood right next to each other. (Weird sense of humor, I told you.)

Anyway, as I was leaving (I had to have Kari pick me up, by the way. My “date” seriously didn’t talk to me the entire night.) Brian said he would call me. And I told him that I didn’t think he would. But in the end I was wrong. He called about a week later while I was out of town on an interview. We had our first date when I got back. 3 months later I moved to Texas for a job and he followed. 6 months after I got to Texas we got married. And now here we are, 6 years later. And there you have it.

7 thoughts on “How we met

  1. I love when meeting stories are near misses, or happen because something else DIDN’T happen.

    And yeah, a WEEK to call? I would have been convinced that ship had sailed after 24 hours!!

  2. I love the meeting stories that are near misses, or happened because something else DIDN’T happen.

    And yeah, a WEEK to call you? I would have been convinced that ship had sailed after like 24 hours!

  3. Why would the guy invite you and not talk to you? So strange. Boys are weird. Cute story though and I loved your sense of humor!

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