Just a typical day

Dress up happens often around here, as I’ve mentioned before. But sometimes the scenes that play out while the kids are dressed up are more amusing than others. The other day, for instance.

Kalena is informing Will that he can’t be a dragon AND a princess so he needs to stay away from her princess clothes.


Then she grabbed the goods



And made her getaway.



Will was pretty forlorn about the whole thing. He is almost as big a fan of the princess gear as he is of the dragon costume. (Not quite, but almost.)

5 thoughts on “Just a typical day

  1. Can Will dress himself in that? That would be awesome. I’m a bad mom because I’m not a fan of dress up. It annoys me when there’s dress up clothes everywhere and I have to get Amelia dressed AGAIN. But your kids are dang cute in their outfits!

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