More getting our money’s worth

Apparently Will is just not a very fast growing guy. Also apparently we buy his clothes a little big sometimes. Here he is in the summer of 2010 in his new swimsuit.

Same day, one of my favorite pictures.

Then he wore it last summer to the splash park. (The hat only fit the first summer. His head IS giant, after all.)

And this summer.

Hanging out in the inflatable pool.

The only trouble with this is, everything will be too worn out for Daniel to wear it!

5 thoughts on “More getting our money’s worth

  1. Well, it was obviously a bit too big that first summer, but THREE summers in row? And with the dragon, too! You guys definitely get your money worth! Like Daniel, Addilyn doesn’t get too many hand-me-downs since all our girls wear them out first. Whoops!

  2. That’s pretty impressive! Elizabeth is on her fourth summer and her second bathing suit. The funny thing is that the bottoms that fit last summer are too loose around the waist this year. Apparently she was chubbier last year.

  3. I must not take good care of our suits, or I need to buy nicer ones because they are tattered half way through the summer! Kendra does not have premium hand me downs either! Lots of stains and such, poor third children… I am looking forward to Kendra walking, I have been withholding some of the nicer stuff and new stuff until she is up off her knees.

  4. He’s like my kids! Seriously, no more hand-me-downs for Caroline because Amelia can still wear all her summer clothes from last year, and actually even more because she’s tall and skinny so she can now wear Addilyn’s shorts too! With the amount of food Will takes in I’m surprised he’s not in 4T by now!

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