I mentioned (or I think I mentioned) that my nephew Patrick came to stay with us a couple weeks ago. We had a quick trip to Denver and he came home with us and stayed for 11 days and then my sister and brother in law and their other two kids came and stayed for a couple days before everyone went home. He and Kalena are the same age, and they are great friends, so I wasn’t surprised at how excited she was to have him visit. I WAS surprised by how excited Will was though. He was SO thrilled to have Patrick around! Did not see that coming. Anyway. One of the fun things we did was make donuts! (I posted about this on Food Lush, so go check that out if you want to see pictures of our delicious creations.)

Will was mostly concerned with consuming as much frosting as humanly possible. Also, he refused to change out of his church clothes, which is why he’s so dressed up here.

Frosting donuts takes focus.

Seriously, more pictures? I’m just trying to enjoy my donut, lady!

No pictures! I need more frosting!

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate frosting. Also, I’d like you to note the random dinosaurs in the pictures. That’s life at our house.

8 thoughts on “Donuts

  1. I would have made up for the kids and eatn 25 donuts and 4 glasses of milk. I didn’t even notice the dinosaurs, I guess that’s just how our pictures look, too!

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