A change in perspective

I think as parents we all have hopes for our kids. I know I had them. I hoped for a child who would share my love of reading. I hoped for a child who would be thrilled by chemistry the way I am. Maybe a child who would end up at the college I went to. And then we had Daniel. And things changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have those hopes, but they are suddenly significantly less important to me. Instead, I have a whole new set of hopes. I hope desperately that my children will grow up to be kind people. That they will be inclusive and caring. And most of all, that they will be happy. Because having Daniel makes it so clear to me that those are the things that are important.

9 thoughts on “A change in perspective

  1. Beautiful pic and beautiful post. Those sound like great hopes. I hope that Ruby will not have an anxiety disorder. Ha! Because, really, I hope that she will be happy too. I’m linking this post under ‘Worth a Read.’

  2. Your new hopes are ones that we as parents should all have and ones that will in all likelihood be some of the most challenging in my mind to ensure our children have! Wonderful post and message!

  3. Cutest picture ever. If only we could all be simply minded and realize that love and happiness are what’s most important. Daniel has given me hope that my children will grow up with acceptance of all people and learn to love unconditionally.

  4. That is beautiful, and so well said. My hopes have changed for my kids as well, as we find out that Sammy has challenges most people will never encounter. I fell exactly the same way, and I’m so glad you put it so eloquently.

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